About Dexter and Pamela Montgomery

Certified Affordable Housing Provider
Certified Affordable Housing Provider

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery are the authors of “The Book On Investing” and the owner’s of RADAR INVESTMENTS  It’s Always On!TM 

We are Certified Affordable Housing Providers.

Our Mission:

Transform Lives through Affordable Housing to Empower Families and Individuals to Enjoy the American Dream of Home Ownership.

We know how it feels to want to invest in real estate, but not know where to start. We were there ourselves a few years ago. But with the proper mindset, massive action, and know-how we have been able to create the life of our dreams.

We were a typical two-income couple living in the suburbs outside of Washington, D.C. and working at office jobs who wanted to find a way out of the rat-race. By investing in real estate, Pamela was able to resign from her job sooner than expected. Now we are living the life of our dreams.  Pamela is able to work from home or anywhere in the world. We have more time for travel and to work with the non-profit organizations that we support.  Dexter serves on the Board of Good Shepherd Housing Foundation, in Woodbridge, VA. Pamela serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Excel Academy Public Charter School in Washington, D.C.

Pamela has over 30 years experience as a practicing attorney. She served six years on active duty as an officer in the  U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps.  Dexter has over 30 years experience in business and finance. We also own an online marketing business where we help entrepreneurs make the transition from 9-5 jobs to online entrepreneurs. At My Biz Dream Team we help our clients generate multiple streams of income and achieve uncommon results with a step-by-step process that takes them from where they are to meeting their business and life goals.

We want to help you start your real estate investing business on the right foot. We spent more than $10k that first year when we started. It was a while before we started to make money. We pledged never to let our clients go through the same doubt and suffering that we endured. We can save you some of the time, effort, and money that we spent as we provide you valuable training on real estate investing, marketing, and wealth creation. Let us help you create the life of your dreams!! Join The Savvy Investor Program!!

For more information about the programs we offer to families and individuals who want to purchase homes see our Path to Home Ownership Program.

For more information about the programs we offer to families and individuals who want to sell homes see our Solutions for Home Owners Program.

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