Real Estate Entrepreneurship is the Shape of Things to Come- Why Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur

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People frequently ask me why we started our real estate investing company, Radar Investments, It’s Always On! My reply is always the same. We saw a problem in the real estate industry and we believed that we could provide a solution. Our coaches always told us that the most reward comes to those who solve the biggest problems. Radar Investments was created with the goal of helping people with their distressed property issues.

A recent article by Anna Vital and Alexandr Unak entitled, “Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur”,, suggest that the businesses and companies are replacing workers with entrepreneurs. Why are these businesses and companies hiring entrepreneurs over the traditional workers? Because entrepreneurs bring certain skill sets to companies that other workers do not. Entrepreneurs understand how to solve problems and create value.

Entrepreneurs learn how to see a problem in a business model or system and they begin to think about solutions to solve a problem. In the real estate business, we saw a problem with the number with the houses that were on the market that people wanted to sell  but could not for one reason or the other. We saw the opportunity to create value for these property owners by helping sell their properties to other buyers outside of the traditional real estate sales model. In this scenario, the seller disposes the unwanted property, the buyer gets a great home to live in or fix up and resell and we get paid for bringing the two parties together.

Using this formula, entrepreneurs like myself, are partly responsible for the housing recovery that is currently taking place all across America. This is a very good thing indeed. If the American economy is to fully recover, entrepreneurs with the ability to solve problems and create value will lead the way.

At our website,, and in our book , The Book on Investing we share with you ideas on how you can use real estate entrepreneurship as a means to survive the new economy. Your plan should consist of investing in real estate, and developing or buying businesses.

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